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LED Light Pool Installs

Don’t let dim or broken LED lights dull your pool experience or compromise safety. We'll repair or replace your lights, brightening your pool area for safer, more enjoyable nighttime swimming.

Expert LED Light Repair Services

When your pool's LED lights flicker or fail, they impact both the atmosphere and safety of your swimming experience. Count on our specialized LED light repair services to keep your pool safe and beautifully illuminated.

How We Work: Our LED Lighting Services

At Williams Water Co., we understand how important proper lighting is to your pool experience. That’s why we offer:

Comprehensive Diagnostics

We begin by meticulously assessing your LED lighting system, leaving no flicker unnoticed. With expert attention to detail, we identify the root cause of any issues, from faulty connections to damaged components.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Every LED system is unique, and yours is no exception. That’s why we use customized repair solutions. Whether it’s addressing wiring issues, replacing malfunctioning LEDs, or fine-tuning control systems, we’re here to address your needs.

Quality Products

We hold ourselves to high standards. That’s why we only use premium components. Our commitment to excellence ensures your LED lighting system shines brightly over the long haul.


We’re committed to maintaining open and honest communication, keeping you informed at every turn. From the initial assessment to the final adjustments, you'll know what to expect each step of the way.

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Experience the Williams Difference

One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

From home plumbing and water rejuvenation to pool equipment installation and repair, we're your all-in-one experts.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Our commitment to innovation means we use the most advanced technology to ensure increased efficiency, savings, and quality.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Industry-Leading Expertise

Excellence is our core value, reflected in our commitment to quality work and dedication to a seamless customer experience.

A Reputation Built on Satisfied Customers

Gregory Pongracz

Tyler’s RO system fixed my water chemistry. The CYA and CH were way too high before. RO got them down, allowing me to balance my water.

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About Us

Founded by military veteran Tyler Williams, The Williams Water Co. story begins with passion and a drive to innovate. Discover how his dedication to conservation led to an investment in cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize how we preserve water, our most precious resource.

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